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Saturday, December 20, 2008

biodata temari

Diposkan oleh hazuki hyuga pada jam 7:33 PM
apa reaksi kakak ? : 
untuk postingan kali ini Q ga ngelanjutin kenampakan part 2 mungkin untuk postingan setelah ini hari ni Q pengen kasih biodata x temari cz lgi demen ma temari! name: temari date of birth: 23 august horoscope: leo blood type: O village: hidden sand village curent rank: genin techniques: dust wind(ninpou fusajin), summonig technique(kuchiyose no jutsu), sickling winds(ninpou kamaitachi), spinning whirl(kirikiri) about temari: the eldest child of the fourth kazekage of the hidden sand village, temari is also the older sister to kankurou and gaara. generally overbearing towards those around her, temari is not afraid to speak her mind and is a tough girl with a demanding attitude altough not a bully like her brother kankurou. whit a deep dislike for war, temari values peace and question sunagakure's justifications for going to war with konohagakure. in combat, temari is a smart analys who thinks ahead and can easily deduce and opponent's strategies and weaknesses. she has an enermous fan which allows her to execute her cutting whirlwind technique that can take on groups of enemies, in a one-to-one duel or at opponents from great distance. the fan can also be used to summon kamatari, a one-eyed weasel that creates strong gusts of wind to attack her opponents. personality: peace loving, caring, smart and though love interest: shikamaru nara, as many of temari appearances are associates with him. selesai! mohon maaf klo ada kesalahan kata nantikan postinagn kenampakan part 2 see ya!

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Anonymous said...

Halo hazuki...
Suka temari yah?

Thanks ya, dah brkunjung k blog qu.
Pasang cbox donk, biar mudah ngirim tag.

Sahara ZhafachieQa

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